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Boss Frog is the behind the scenes person who puts together all of these packages and networks to get you the best deals. Why does he do it, simply because he likes to go home at night and think about all of the people that he helped create the ultimate vacation for, and brought more fun into their lives. You may never meet him face to face, but he works day and night to bring more fun and better deals to all. In fact, there may be a Boss Frog in other parts of the world too. If someone shows you how to have more fun or get a better deal, then that person is a Boss Frog.
Our prices are better simply because we buy in volume with most activities. Since we have been in business for 17 years we have established excellent rates on the different tours. We just pass the great deals on to you. There is no catch to the savings you can get. If you look at the Maui Specials-2 for 1’s section, those are in conjunction with a resort presentation which you must qualify for. All of the other sections of this site are for anyone who is seeking a great time on their Maui vacation.
We normally don’t email the tickets to you simply because we want to explain the directions and specifics to you once you arrive on Maui. You simply pick up your tickets at one of our 6 Maui shops. Our main shop is Boss Frog’s Dive & Surf at 150 Lahainaluna Rd. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761. Be sure to call us at (808) 661-3333 ext 4. if you would like directions or have any other questions. If you are ordering tickets to Kauai activities, you may pick them up at our Kauai Boss Frog’s Dive & Surf at 4-746 Kuhio Hwy in Kapaa, across from Foodland Supermarket. If you are ordering tickets for the islands of Hawaiii or Oahu, and you are not coming to Maui or Kauai, then we will email you your tickets as a .pdf file, which has all of the pertinent information on it. You simply print the tickets up on your printer, then go on the activity.
When you submit your itinerary through this site you will be sent an email that states that we received your order. Your activities are NOT confirmed until our online concierge calls you and emails you with your complete itinerary; however, in the event we can not reach you by phone, you must reply by email or phone. Your credit card will be charged after our concierge has made this confirmation phone call to you or you have replied by email. In the event that you are coming in to pick up tickets from one of our shops you may pay when picking up instead, however, if your activities fall within the cancellation period, we will have to go ahead and charge the credit card for the nonrefundable activities.
Easy! If you need to cancel your activities you may do so up until 48 hours before your scheduled tour begins in order to get money back. There is a 10% cancellation fee that is not refunded to cancellations made before the 48hour mark. If you need to cancel within the 48 hours before your scheduled activity, then unfortunately no refunds can be given.

Rescheduling can usually be done up until 24 hours before the scheduled activity.

If you are staying anywhere from Kapalua to Wailea, then there is a Boss Frog’s near you. We have 6 locations on Maui that are very easy to find. Click on the Maui link to find out more.

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No, they are not included. If you feel that your activities were done right and you had a blast then tipping is the right thing to do. A good tip on an activity is approximately $5 for each person in your party.
Hawaii state law makes us all pay 4.166% GET for any goods or services including activities. Additional fees apply to ocean activities which have an additional 3% harbor tax. Helicopters, boats and some bike tours have fuel surcharges.
We offer 100s of activities from all over the state. We list the specials and the most popular activities on this site. If you know of a specific activity that you cannot find, then give us a call, and we’ll let you know.
All of the snorkel cruises that we offer have a snorkel ‘101 classes that they do for land lubbers or novices. Jump into the class, then jump into the most beautiful waters around and have fun.
Yes, for the most part all of our tours are safe and fun. If you have any special requirements or conditions, please call our online concierge and ask. We can access any info for any tour that we need to make you more comfortable. Some tours do have some restrictions, such as no one under 5ft tall, or no one with back or neck problems, or pregnant mothers, etc. If you have any concerns please call us to avoid any inconveniences.
Typically, the strong Maui trade winds pickup between 12 and 2pm and last throughout the day. We usually recommend going on the morning snorkel cruises because it is when the water is the most beautiful and the calmest. The same is true for helicopter tours, when the winds aren’t blowing, you will find it a much smoother ride and the pilot can fly closer to the waterfalls. But if the afternoon is best for you, go for it, these tours can be just as much fun & we never know what the weather will be like, as it can change very quickly.
Easy, when you submit your order we will call you back to go over your itinerary. Once we have confirmed your activities, we will send you an email with your tickets attached in a pdf format. You simply print these tickets and check in at the activity with them. If you are coming to Maui or Kauai, we will have your tickets waiting for you at any of our shops.
Yes! We can cater to almost any size group. We will have to make up your entire itinerary first, then we will get you the best deal on the activities you are requesting.